Author: Penny Jones

Take a seat at West Bay’s inner circle: the West Bay Hub is now officially open!

New benches designed by artist Michael Pinksy have been installed by crane at the West Bay Hub. The benches have been designed to reflect the curves and shapes of the local land and seascape, suggesting the coastal form of West Bay nestling amongst the cliffs.They provide plenty of space for people to sit and enjoy local food with a great view; a place to relax with family and friends. 

The open space in the centre allows for uninterrupted views across the harbour and river. In the middle, a bronze plaque made locally by Bridport Foundry has been installed, featuring points of the compass and signposting to locations in West Bay.

The benches also provide a backdrop to showcase the many motorbikes which regularly gather at West Bay: bikers are encouraged to park around the outside of the benches. Each bench has a sitting area that both looks inwards and outwards so bikers can sit with a clear view of their bikes and conversations can be shared between visitors, residents and bikers.

Sally King, project lead from the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Jurassic Coast Trust said, “The final stage before we could open the site has been to lay the resin-bound outer surface, and hope for dry-ish weather to allow it to set. This has been a real challenge but thankfully the site is now open for everyone to enjoy over the festive period and for many years to come. We hope everyone will enjoy using this space in the heart of West Bay.”

Final work on the benches will take place in the new year.

Dorset Coastal Connections – People and Places

The West Bay Welcome Hub project is part of the “Dorset Coastal Connections – People and Places” portfolio of 18 projects along the Dorset Coast which aim to support and boost the economies of Dorset’s coastal areas. The portfolio is funded by the government’s Coastal Communities Fund and partner organisations, and coordinated by Dorset Coast Forum. The Welcome Hub project is led by Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Jurassic Coast Trust, working with artist Michael Pinsky, landscape architect Aileen Shackell Landscape Design and contractor Dorset Highways. For more information, see the Dorset Coastal Connections website.

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