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In the lead up to Run Jurassic, we are featuring a series of interviews from some of our amazing Jurassic Coast Trust fundraisers.  These people are running the various Run Jurassic races in order to help the Jurassic Coast Trust in our mission to protect and promote our incredible World Heritage Site.

We hope you will feel inspired by our runners’ stories – either to donate to their JustGiving page, or to take part yourself in a race to remember.

Visit our online shop to book your place as a Jurassic Coast Trust fundraiser.In this blog, Bournemouth resident and seasoned Good Gym participant Daryl Venner, sees Run Jurassic as his biggest challenge yet.

What motivated you to take part in Run Jurassic?

What motivated me was the thought of running along such a beautiful coastline, the scenery and those hills… help!

I enjoy running, I wouldn’t say I was a seasoned runner but I enjoy it. I like to get the endorphins going.

Describe your relationship to the Jurassic Coast

I love visiting the Coast. It’s such a beautiful coastline and there are so many spots all the way along that it’s just a pleasure to go to.

What do you think will be the greatest challenge of the race?

I see it as a challenge. I think it’s going to be my biggest challenge to date.

I did a 10k Jurassic run a while ago from West Bay out, round and back, but not as manic as the Run Jurassic half marathon!

The greatest challenge is going to be those hills. I’m not a hill runner, I’m a hill walker, so it’s going to be a big challenge. I love a challenge and I love pushing myself.

What kind of training are you doing?

I did the Crafty Fox half marathon with White Star Running recently, out over the hills of Bulbarrow and Ansty. I also run on a Wednesday evening with Good Gym in Bournemouth, where we run, do a good deed and run back again.  We average about 7k, sometimes 9k.

Good Gym is set up whereby you do good and feel good. You can help older isolated people, local charities, schools… It’s better than going to a gym, because you feel good afterwards.

What’s your favourite spot on the Jurassic Coast?

I suppose my favourite spot has to be out round Worbarrow, Lulworth, then further along the Coast, Golden Cap. It’s all such a wonderful coastline, that’s it’s all equally good going one way or the other.

Daryl’s Jurassic Coast hotspot, Worbarrow Bay. Photo by Tanya Hart/Flickr.

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